Our Mission - Our Values - Our Solution

Our Mission

I objectively collect information to identify processing activities; analyse and check the compliance of processing activities with the GDPR; inform, advise and issue recommendations to the controller or the processor.

Our Values

Being in the field of data protection law for more than 15 years, I especially take care of providing expert and independent advice. My approach is pragmatic and involves expertise of IT security experts when needed.

Our Solution

I offer external DPO services based on a service contract concluded with an individual or an organisation. I also offer training for staff members in order to raise GDPR and privacy awareness. 


Why Should You Choose Us?

Cybersecurity-Law already had successful collaborations with the following companies and organisms. 







Save Yourself Time, Effort and Resources

I'm open for new collaborations. Do not hesitate to check my CV or to drop me an e-mail.

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